About TMA


Taiwan Muslims Association was founded in 24/04/2016 as a non-profit organization with the purposes of spreading Islamic ethics, helping those in need, establish better educations and to improve living as Muslims in Taiwan.


In the Quran it mentioned

The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy.


In Islam all Muslims are brothers so it’s our duty to take good care of one another regardless of race or nations, this is one of the basic teachings of Islam.


With that in mind our organization was established

Even though we are still on the early stages there’s so much more we want to do for the people such as having a prayer room in every area so Muslims have a safe and friendly place for daily prayers, having halal convenient stores so Muslims have access to Halal consumables, or even Islamic schools to take care of children’s education, they also include children from single parent families, new residents and even Reverts.


Anyone willing to help our cause whether spiritually or financially are more than welcome Insha’Allah with all of your help we can soon achieve our purpose and make a strong foundation of Islam in Taiwan


Below are projects that we’ve been working on or Alhamdulillah already been done

  1. New resident’s center: There are already hundreds of Muslim foreign brides being assisted in Taiwan.
  2. Qur’an study center: There are already Qur’an classes on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Culture education center: no facilities or teachers yet
  4. Indonesian labor assisting center: Assistance has already taken place for Indonesian labors at industrial area.
  5. Shelter for foreign worker: accommodate Muslim foreign worker in Taiwan whose visa no longer valid and assist them back to their hometown.
  6. Halal food center: Already helped Taiwan Muslims establish 12 Indonesian restaurants and prayer rooms with interest-free loan.


Logo of Taiwan Muslim Association:

logo Taiwan Muslim Association
Logo of At-Taqwa Mosque, Dayuan:
At Taqwa Mosque, Taiwan